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Why Do Therapists…

What Happens in Therapy – Part 2: Therapist Behavior Explained By Liz Wallenstein, LMHC Many people get their picture of what therapy is like from TV and movies. Though some of the therapy clichés you see are true; they often are not seen in the proper context and therefore misunderstood. Here’s some things therapists have […]

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What Happens in a Therapy Session

By Liz Wallenstein, LMHC Though many people know therapy exists, most don’t actually know how it works. Here’s a peek into the mechanics of a typical therapy session: Therapy is a collaborative process where the therapist requires the active involvement of the client in order to help them. Giving advice or offering a solution does […]

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Why Therapy Costs So Much

By Liz Wallenstein, LMHC Many therapists with high out-of-pocket fees have full practices and waiting lists, despite the wide availability of therapy for a fraction of the price. Why are so many people choosing to pay more for therapy than they need to? Therapy can be much more than getting help managing a pressing problem. […]