Turn Your Biggest Challenges into Your Biggest Opportunities

Do you really want something but can’t seem to make it happen?
Do you have a gnawing sense you could be doing more or feeling better?
Are you unable to get your mind off something that’s bothering you?
Want to change a pattern in your life to get better results?

Hi, I’m Liz Wallenstein, licensed mental health therapist in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY. My graduate degree in psychological counseling is from Columbia University. I use a blend of healing exploration and practical guidance to help people feel better and make progress in the areas of:

  • Relationships

  • Goal Achievement

  • Mood

  • Chronic Pain & Wellness

As a NY psychodynamic therapist, I’m trained to help people identify their way of being in the world and how it’s contributing to their life circumstances. I also help them connect with forgotten or undeveloped parts of themselves, in a non-judgmental, caring environment. I’ve seen this give people much more options, opportunity, clarity, confidence and optimism.

It takes a strong, healthy person to be able to look at their life and say ‘something isn’t working here and I want to fix it.’ It is time to get rid of the old misconception that therapy is for crazy people, or just about venting feelings and getting advice. My NYC therapy practice is about having a supportive, trained professional to help you clear the clutter than stands between you and what you want and how you want to feel.


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